All Events / Behaviour - workshop & concert

Tue 31st May, 6:30pm

Spike Island

Tickets: £5 (£3 concessions). Workshop free with concert ticket.

Workshop: 6.30pm
Concert: 8pm

Bath Spa University’s dynamic electronic and digital sonic ensemble are offering audiences an opportunity join in and perform at their forthcoming gig at Spike Island. Audience members can attend a short pre-concert workshop to rehearse several ‘text score’ compositions that involve music making with ‘found’ objects such as sticks or stones. These pieces will then be performed on mass with the ensemble during the concert.

Performances by this large group combine interpretations of ‘classic’ large ensemble improvisation works and truly original strategy driven compositions that respond to the ensemble’s rich and diverse orchestration and sound manipulations.

Behaviour works with a dramatic dynamic and tonal range: from pin-drop fragility to cascades of complex noise. The ensemble’s sonic palette is created from a fusion of different sources. Each member of the group offers a unique contribution, developed through explorations into turning found and adapted objects into musical instruments, experimenting with ‘wrong’ uses of audio technology, and creating prepared instruments.

Handmade controllers for real-time software environments, adapted turntables, self designed and ‘circuit bent’ electronic instruments, and live capture/manipulation of microscopic sound worlds using contact microphones and coil pick-ups all find a home in Behaviour.

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